Airships & Special Projects

Has your client just asked you for a wacky PR stunt using drones, inflatables, things that fly? well, let us put our thinking caps on for you.

Working with big PR, advertising agencies and brands is what we do. We regularly take the unachievable, unthinkable concepts and make them a reality. If there is time and budget then almost everything is achievable.

Along with all of the relevant licenses such as PFAW and qualifications, we also hold 10 million public liability insurance.

Our aerial experts have decades of experience of working with inflatables, airships and drones and hold the three magic keys to making something happen.

No.1 = Contacts:
It’s all about who you know and who you are connected with to enable projects to be granted special permissions. Our operations team liaise with councils, CAA, port authorities, airports, police and the MOD on a regular basis.

No.2 = Experience:
Take a look at our recent clients below and check out our showreels. Never trust a company who can’t provide testimonials or evidence of past work.

No.3 = Only Supplier!
We are the sole provider of indoor radio controlled airships in the UK.

Airships are a fab way to get you noticed at exhibitions, events, award ceremonies, parties. They are safe to fly directly over crowds and include a video downlink, so can capture the action from above which can be streamed onto big screens. We are able to apply photorealistic artwork and banners onto the sides of the airships and can even illuminate them from the inside.

You may have seen these floating inside The Royal Albert Hall, Grosvenor House Hotel, ExCel, to name a few…

So, if you are interested in having a chat about your next project, give us a call 0208 166 9712.

‘Best Aerial Filming Services Company UK’

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Key Benefits

  • Indoor & Outdoors
  • Live downlink
  • 4K videography
  • High res photography
  • Stunt experience

Key Benefits

  • Indoors
  • Safe to fly over crowds
  • Live downlink
  • Banners- photorealistic artwork
  • Lighting packages


  • Airships
  • Drones
  • CableCams
  • Ground videography
  • Live broadcast


  • Live events
  • Live broadcast
  • Drones
  • CableCam
  • MastCam


0208 166 9712


  • Fidessa
  • Peer1 Hosting
  • Max Live Events
  • Vision Events
  • Reevoo

"These are F$%king great! Million dollar shots. Game changing images, Bond on a budget!"

"The Skypower duo provided beautiful shots for us with minimum fuss. In my experience, some pilots and camera operators don't pull off the teamwork required to deliver. I have no hesitation in saying that the Skypower guys did."

"We used Skypower for an aerial shot on a short client film and in a few words we simply could not have achieved what we had hoped without them! They understood exactly what we required and were extremely helpful in sharing with us their expertise and knowledge. In addition to their professionalism and skills in aerial filming, they were a lot of fun to work with and helped make it an enjoyable and relaxed experience. We hope and look forward to working with them again."

"Skypower were the definition of unflustered. We had a combination of challenges: night shoot, scattered showers, limited time and squads of passers-by. The Skypower team stayed ice-cold throughout: they helped us find a way to get every shot we wanted and the results are breath-taking. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again."

"We got in contact with Skypower after we had been let down by another supplier and despite the last minute nature of the request and they were incredibly helpful in organising our shoot in just a couple of days time."

"Hi Neil, Everyone is very happy with the footage I saw some yesterday myself and it looks amazing. I can say with much confidence that I am pretty sure that we will want to use the copter again."

"Skypower helped us film a Public Safety demonstration video in the centre of London, a very challenging environment from a Civil Aviation perspective. The company helped us identify a location and worked with us to find the best time for launch and filming (including coping with tide and weather conditions). In the end we ended up with some footage which could have been from the “Bourne identity” of a suspect running across the Millennium Bridge. Excellent work guys."

"Thank you, it looks fantastic, I can’t wait to see the reaction at the grand reveal – I know the lads were really excited about it when I saw them last week, 5 mins of fame and all! Really appreciate the effort everyone put in! Great working with you."