Quacks Drone Videography

Have you been watching the fantastic new BBC Two comedy series ‘Quacks’? Well, if you have, chances are you would have seen some of our drone videography. 

You can watch the trailer here which features some of our drone footage. As you can see some impressive CGI work has gone into  the Greenwich skyline to reflect how it would have looked in the 1840’s!


Quacks – Trailer – BBC Two from Skypower Aerial Filming on Vimeo.

Quacks is a raucous medical comedy set in Victorian London about four pioneers, friends and rivals – fighting to make a mark on the world and save lives. Starring Rory Kinnear, Mathew Baynton, Tom Basden, Lydia Leonard and Rupert Everett.

The 1840s: a time when doctors were just as likely to kill their patients as cure them, when the medicine that we take for granted today was in its infancy, and when doctors experimented on themselves and each other. It’s an era when dentists numbed the pain with brandy, the insane were chained up, and the operating theatre was full of spectacle and showmanship where people would come to watch a surgeon beat his amputation speed record.

Robert (Rory Kinnear) is an extraordinary, ambitious showman surgeon who can take a leg off in 92 seconds. William (Mathew Baynton) is a nervous, kind psychiatrist (then called alienist) looking to transform mental care. John (Tom Basden) is a wild, hedonistic, dentist turned anaesthetist.

Caroline (Lydia Leonard) is the headstrong, intelligent wife of Robert, who is determined to fight against the male prejudices and patriarchy of Victorian society to realise her own medical ambition. Finally, there’s Dr Hendrick (Rupert Everett) – the President of the hospital and Physician to Royalty. He hates innovation and young people. And women. And patients.

If you haven’t yet watched the series, you can catch it on iPlayer

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