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About our CableCam Filming Services:

CableCam is ideal for point to point filming through rough terrain or over crowds. We offer the latest in mobile cable dolly systems utilising the latest gyro technology, dynema cable and powerful motors allowing us to travel ultra slow or up to 30mph over 200m of cable. With an easy to rig system only requiring two sturdy points it’s the most versatile point to point CableCam available to hire.

Our CableCam dolly is point to point (AB) zip line type cablecam system which use a single cable anchored between two points. They require no heavy expensive and energy hungry ground based winches. The CableCam Dolly system employ a DC motor on the trolley to “drive” on the cable. It’s able to drive up a slope of slightly over 10 degrees at maximum weight of around 15lb. It can travel on a level slope at up to 30lb all up weight. Power is provided by on-board lithium polymer battery packs. It’s possible to reach speeds of up to 30mph (50kph) on an unsloped cable or move as slow as 18″ per minute (0.5m per minute) for smooth slow motions.

Braking is done electrically and is known as a Asynchronous Regenerative Braking (ARB). ARB is accomplished with our industrial robot motor driver which means you’re putting power back into the battery when you decelerate or apply the brakes. Much like newer electric automobiles now do. The results with ARB are staggering. Putting as much as 50% of the power back into the battery for each acceleration/deceleration pair. The benefit is of course greater duration/distance from a set of charged batteries.

The CableCam System is controlled wirelessly via a joystick controller with a range of 1km (far greater than you’ll run a cable line). The camera is also connected to a wireless video system to send and display camera video feed in real time to an LCD at the camera operator station.

Benefits / Features

  • Point to Point Filming
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • 800ft
  • Live Broadcast
  • Fully Gyro Stabilised Footage
  • Safe Over Crowds
  • 0.5mph > 30mph
  • Max cable slope 19% grade (11 degrees)
  • Heavy Lift
  • Live Downlink
  • Dynema Cable

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