Coronation Street – Behind The Scenes

We recently worked with ITV to capture some awesome footage of when the Underworld roof caves in and the protesters are left buried under the rubble. Who will get out alive?

Footage was captured using our CableCam system, the ultimate way to move through the destruction, giving the audience an immersive experience.

Go behind the scenes of the devastating Underworld roof collapse and find out how the practical effects were achieved – and maybe even get some clues to who will survive!

The explosive episode is airing Wednesday 20th March 2019 at 7.30pm on ITV.

For preview clips and episode information click here.

See our crew in action…

Coronation Street CableCam 1 Coronation Street CableCam 2 Coronation Street CableCam 3 Coronation Street CableCam 4

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