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Drones are now being used more commonly in the construction industry and are providing increasingly more valuable data for companies to manage their sites and projects.

Over a number of year’s we have been involved with both large and small scale sites in the development and construction sector using a range of drone systems, cameras and sensors for a wide variety of clients.

Our crews are therefore familiar with working on live sites, understanding the processes being carried out, the imagery required and can advise on the most appropriate equipment to meet the needs and project deliverables. They also carry CSCS accreditation underlining our commitment to safety, awareness and to facilitate access and communication with site personnel.

We offer high resolution photography and UHD 4k videography solutions with full post production and editing providing our clients with a complete visual service.

Our CAA level of licensing enables us to operate in congested areas such as towns or cities and within 10m of any uninvolved parties which provides us with many additional options for capturing imagery in usually difficult or otherwise inaccessible areas. We also have a dedicated and very experienced Ops Department used to liaising with authorities to enable us to operate in restricted areas and within the boundaries of international airports.

Main benefits of Skypower’s services…

❖ Saving Time and Money with no site shut downs.
❖ Safer, Versatile and more Accurate imaging.
❖ Mass digital data capture at speed.
❖ Repeatable through a sites progression.
❖ Multiple deliverables.
❖ The ability to combine data sets using different sensors.
❖ Inspect and survey for Property Management and Repair.
❖ Manage and Monitor Assets.
❖ Record Risk and Safety Management on sites.
❖ Survey inaccessible areas.
❖ Communication, Site management, Staff Inductions and Training.
❖ High quality content for Marketing material for stakeholders, Investors and potential purchasers.

What services do we offer?

❖ Photogrammetry
❖ Site and Delap Surveys
❖ 3D Modelling (Orthomosaics)
❖ 2D mapping and Measurements
❖ 360 Interactive views
❖ Fly Throughs
❖ Site progress updates
❖ Timelapse
❖ CGI integration & visualisations


360 interactive map


Luton DART Case Study


Timelapse gives added value that shows work carried out, stimulates internal teams and allows stakeholders to follow the progress of the project.

Immortalizes several months of work.

Site monitoring and security now becomes a tool that you can relay on social media or broadcast during inauguration.

Our Systems provide:

❖ 100% Autonomous camera working from integrated solar panels.
❖ Fuly weatherproof solution.
❖ 100% Connected 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth and unlimited cloud storage.
❖ 4K Photography with 220 degree panoramas.
❖ Ability to share live or to Youtube stream.
❖ Ability to easily create videos, marketing resources and professional imagery.
❖ Set ups of single or multiple cameras for a few days event build up to a couple of years development or construction project.

What our clients say

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At Skypower we are dedicated to capturing footage and images that blows the competition out of the water. To find out what we could do for your project, fill out the contact form below or call us direct on 0208 166 9712. With offices in London and Wiltshire, we operate across the UK and also overseas.