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The age of virtual reality is upon us, and technological developments are being made that most of us could only dream of a few years ago. Skypower is proud to be a long-term backer of drone innovation. We’re dedicated to finding ways to make these incredible technological advancements benefit you, your client or your business (and playing with it ourselves, of course).

With today’s incredible VR technology, Skypower is able to offer a 360° virtual reality drone video service that creates fully immersive footage. From virtual reality drone videography to 360° panoramic photography, our drone 360 camera service is fully stabilised and can provide exceptionally clear, smooth footage from ground to 400ft with no bumps. It’s not something anyone is going to forget any time soon.

Here’s the tech bit:

Camera: GoPro Hero4 or 5 – either 6 or 11 array
Lens: Standard GoPro lens
Format: 6k @ 50fps or 8k @25fps once stitched
Crew: 2 people (pilot and camera operator)
Recommended for: 360° VR content, online commercials and promotional videos

Create an unforgettable experience with the drone 360 camera

Say hello to our incredible drone 360° VR rig, the NS VR Gimbal. The only fully stabilised VR 360° rig available on the market, it is the ideal solution for high-end VR projects and can deliver smooth, fully immersive footage in just about any conditions. It attaches quickly and effectively to our Matrice 600 drone via a Ronin quick release plate, is fully equipped with 6 or 11 GoPro cameras (Hero 4 Black or 5) and is fully tested and configured. It really is perfect for 360° VR panoramic photography, 360° VR content, online commercials and social media videos.

Skypower’s range of services

At Skypower we offer a comprehensive range of multi-level filming, aerial photography and drone hire services. We have the equipment and expertise to turn your idea into a visual solution that’s just right for you. Have a look through our services below to find out more.

Engineering & Construction

Capture snapshots of your construction project for site reviews, progress reports and more, from the vantage point of the skies.

Events Filming

With our wide range of drone and airship options you can film the entirety of your event from the air, making for a truly unforgettable experience.

Drone photography

Capture stunning shots for your TV show, film production or marketing campaign using our high-tech aerial drones.

Production filming

Capture that perfect precision shot or stunning aerial landscape for your TV or film production.

What our clients say

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