The remote controlled camera solution for low level car tracking shots

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Our Freefly TERO Buggy Cam is a unique tracking vehicle and can be used to film and move the camera in ways that were not possible until recently. The tero buggy cam system allows us to film at super low angles for amazing dynamic low camera angle shots and when coupled with our FreeFly Movi Pro with full 3-axis control we’re able to crate shots that are hard to get with traditional filming methods. The Tero’s anti-vibration isolation mount on the buggy allows for smooth stable shots from walking pace to 40mph.

We can put the buggy cam into situations that wouldn’t be safe for a human for example in the middle of chase or stunt scene all while controlling the car and camera from a safe distance.

FreeFly Tero Hire UK

Skypower's CableCam filming services

❖ Dynamic Tracking
❖ Indoor or outdoor
❖ Walking speed to 40mph
❖ Live broadcast
❖ Fully gyro stabilised footage
❖ Look straight up
❖ Vibration Isolation
❖ Universal Cheeseplate for accessories
❖ Live downlink
❖ 360 Camera Options

Buggy Cam: how does it work?

Our Buggy Cam is provided with two crew – The driver and remote camera operator.

The kit is also supplied with our Freelfy Movi Pro and one of our in-house cameras or you can simply add your own camera to the Movi Gimbal. Our Connex live HD feed is used to get the picture back from the car to the monitor which can then be fed out to a directors monitor via HD-SDI.

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