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Low level to elevated point to point, we’ve got your tracking shots covered

Our fleet of tracking vehicles offer super smooth, agile filming solutions from the ground up. Whether it’s our BuggyCam, Segway or CableCam we can offer a tailored to solution to meet your brief.
Freefly TERO BuggyCam

The BuggyCam system allows us to film at super low angles for amazing dynamic low camera angle shots and when coupled with our FreeFly Movi Pro with full 3-axis control we’re able to crate shots that are hard to get with traditional filming methods. The Tero’s anti-vibration isolation mount on the buggy allows for smooth stable shots.

Our Buggy Cam is provided with two crew (driver and remote camera operator), Freefly Movi Pro and one of our in-house cameras or you can simply add your own camera to the Movi Gimbal. Our Connex live HD feed is used to get the picture back from the car to the monitor, which can then be fed out to a directors monitor via HD-SDI.

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The CableCam is ideally-designed for point to point filming through rough terrains or over crowds, making for a dynamic, clear and smooth filming solution for occasionally unruly environments. Features include the latest in mobile dolly systems, gyro technology, dynema cable and powerful motors.

The camera can travel 0.5mph to 30pm, over 200m of cable. An easy rig system that requires just two sturdy points. Max cable slope 19% grade (11 degrees)

The CableCam system is controlled wirelessly via a joystick controller with a 1km range. The camera is also connected to a wireless video system to send and display the video feed in real time to an LCD at the camera operator station, so you can be sure that you are capturing a perfectly-framed shot.

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Ninebot Mini Pro Segway

Ready to roll in a matter of minutes and provides professional, smooth footage at a much cheaper rates than track and dolly. Ideal for following presenters, sports personalities and much more. Our operators apply their skill and agility to seamlessly capture your shot.

Our Segway is provided with the Freelfy Movi Pro and one of our in-house cameras or you can simply add your own camera to the Movi Gimbal.

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Get your shot now! With our CableCam hire, you are guaranteed a highly versatile filming solution for indoor and outdoor point to point filming. Just give us a call on 0208 166 9712 or fill out the contact form below for more information. We have offices in London and Wiltshire, and can operate across the UK and overseas.
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