ITV Cheat drone filming – ITV has a new psychological thriller – Cheat. It is airing on ITV at 9pm on 11th March 2019. The four-part series will then air a new episode at 9pm each night, up to and including the evening of Thursday 14 March.

It stars Katherine Kelly as university professor Leah, and Molly Windsor as her student Rose.

The series chronicles the toxic relationship between a university professor and her student. What starts out as an academic spat between the two quickly spirals into a devastating sequence of events with a fatal end.

We worked on the four-part mini-series and provided drone hire.

Watch the advert here:

Read more about the program here.

Here are some behind the scenes photos, we can even launch a drone from a punt!

Cheat ITV Punt Neil   ITV Cheat Rob Punt

ITV Cheat Drone 1 

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