Fully stabalised filming solutions both on the ground and elevated. Ideal for tricky locations, rough terrain or over crowds. Explore our segway, cablecam and buggy cam options and shoot some dynamic footage.

❖  MoVI Pro ❖  Alexa Mini  ❖  Agile Movements  ❖ Stabilised

Ultimate TV production and corporate filming solutions with our fleet of drones; we have got you covered. Specialists in tailor made solutions and capturing the shot. Experience is everything Est 2012, we let our reputation speak for itself.

❖  RAW  ❖  ProRes  ❖  Cinema DNG  ❖  Heavylift  ❖  6K  ❖  FPV

CAA OSC 10m permission for congested areas enables us to get shots where others can’t. Drone equipment suited for both internal and external capture, we can offer a range of options such as photography for CGI, surveys, 360, 3D modeling/ mapping, fly throughs…

❖  42 MP  ❖ CSCS  ❖  Cinema DNG  ❖  Heavylift  ❖  6K  ❖  FPV  ❖  Video production

Add something unexpected to your event! 4 metres long, helium-filled and customisable to your company and branding, our airships also offer live broadcasting and videography possibilities.

❖  Sole provider in UK  ❖  Live streaming  ❖  Video downlink  ❖  Branding options

By using our 10m CAA permission we can get your shot where others can’t.

The UK's specialists in aerial drone filming, based in London

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Skypower offer innovative, forward-thinking and highly creative aerial filming and multi-level photography services using drones, CableCams, MastCams and airships. Since 2012 we have been utilising the expertise of Hollywood award-winning and highly experienced drone pilots and camera operators, equipped with some of the most advanced drone models in the business. We aim to turn your vision into a reality by capturing exceptional quality, one-of-a-kind footage that will bring a touch of the extraordinary to your production or campaign.

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From aerial photography to airships, there is nothing we cannot handle

At Skypower, we are proud to be different. With our extensive experience, well-respected pilots and technological expertise, we have been granted special permission to operate at up to 10m within congested and built-up areas such as cities and towns. This means you can trust us to capture top-quality photographs that most companies could only dream of coming close to. Our drones are also equipped for heavy lifting, meaning that they are able to carry Red Epic and Alexa Mini to ensure the perfect shot.

Our services include:
❖ Live broadcasting
❖ Aerial drone filming
❖ Special permission to operate up to 10m in congested areas
❖ 650ft Permission
❖ Night flight permission
❖ 4-8K videography
❖ High resolution photography
❖ 3D mapping
❖ Aerial 360° panoramic virtual tours
❖ UK and overseas operation
❖ Offices in London and Wiltshire

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