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The UK’s only provider of airship filming! Based in London and the South West, serving the UK and abroad

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Is there a better way have an audience notice your company than to fly a 4-metre-long, helium-filled, illuminated airship above their heads?

No, we didn’t think so either.

Ideal for large awards dinners, functions and indoor exhibitions, Skypower is the UK’s only provider of radio-controlled airships. Safe to fly over crowds, these attention-grabbing crafts glide entrancingly through the air and are capable of staying airborne throughout the course of your event, stopping only occasionally for a quick battery change. They are utterly customisable, and even include the capacity for a live video downlink – so you can watch your event unfold from a truly unique viewing perspective, and capture the event in all its expansiveness and glamour via airship filming.

Get a unique perspective of your event with airship camera footage

You may recognise our helium-filled airships from some of their previous residencies at the Royal Albert Hall, London’s ExCeL Centre, the NEC, the Grosvenor Hotel and many more. Ideal for professional as well as high-glamour or arty events, they open a whole host of marketing possibilities to grab your guests’ attention and make for an event that will stick in your guests’ minds long after it has finished. We are able to apply photorealistic artwork and banners onto the sides of the airships and can even illuminate them from the inside to really draw attention to your promoters and advertisers. Or you may prefer to simply have them float around the room capturing live HD footage to be streamed onto a big screen below.

Make your event stand out with airship filming
Why choose us for your special event?

At Skypower, we delight in making the unthinkable a reality. From the wackiest marketing concepts to the most ambitious aerial filming projects, we love nothing more than a challenge. Our extensive experience, highly-skilled drone pilots and exclusive radio-controlled airships make us the obvious choice for any project. Whether you’re looking at aerial photography, drone filming or deploying airship cameras, Skypower can help you whether you’re in the UK or elsewhere around the world. Offering a fully bespoke, tailored service to craft a creative solution for your unique proposal, you can count on us to supply the exact footage you need or to add that something truly special to your upcoming event.

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