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Skypower has been on the cutting edge of aerial filming in the United Kingdom since the company was established in 2012. As the forerunners in the industry, we carry an extensive range of professional-quality drones to bring out the very best in absolutely any production. Our Alta 8 heavy lift drone is capable of carrying 8K broadcast cameras, guaranteeing an absolutely exceptional quality of shooting for high-end dramas, events and documentaries.

For high-speed and high-energy productions such as sports and music videos, our buggy cams and FPV drones are able to smoothly capture even the most rapid of sequences. Meanwhile our more agile and lightweight crafts, are ideally-designed for indoor shoots, site surveys and mapping or property portfolios. Whether you require 4-8K video drone or ground filming services, Skypower can formulate a bespoke solution to guarantee professional-level aerial camerawork no matter what the production.

Drones, Vehicle Tracking Mounts, Cable Cams, FVP Cinelifter and more: look through our kit bag
Inspire 3
DJI Inspire 3 with X9
DJI Inspire 2 with X7
DJI Inspire 2 with X7
Alta 8 Small
Freely ALTA 8 with Movi Pro
DJI S900 1
S900 with GH4
Mavic 3 Pro
Mavic 3 Pro Cine
DJI Matrice600 RED Dragon UK Hire
Matrice M600 with Alexa Mini or RED Dragon
FPV Drone Filming, GoPro
FPV Go-Pro Drone
fpv drone filming Cinelifter ZCam
FPV Cinelifter Drone
Drone LED Light
Drone LED Light System
Cable Cam Hire UK 1
Cable Cam with Movi Pro or Ronin MX
15 06 20151434358819Freefly 950 00024 Tero 2 1
Buggy Cam
360 VR Drone Filming 3
360 VR Drone Video
Indoor Airship Hire UK
Indoor Airship with GoPro or 360 Array
DJI Ronin RS2 Gimbal
Handheld Ronin RS2 Gimbal
Car Mount
Vehicle Tracking Mount
Segway Filming
Segway Filming
We also offer a wide range of camera options!
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Our kit bag includes everything you need for aerial filmwork that will put your production head and shoulders above the rest. To enquire about 4K video drone hire, VR drone hire or any of the rest of our equipment, call our specialists on 0208 166 9712.
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