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By bringing previously impossible views and vantage points into easy reach, drone photography has become hugely popular in several sectors. For example, property developers can now show overseas buyers what the view from their new penthouse will look like, while surveyors and inspectors can get an unmatched view into developments at their sites. Marketers can show overseas clients the latest progress on their projects with a bird’s eye view, bringing products and pitches to life like never before.

Using the latest technology provided by Skypower, you can create full panoramic views and superb quality images and footage. Whether creating materials for a tourist board or creating a video tour of a sports stadium, Skypower’s experts in London can come to you anywhere around the globe and bring something special to your project.

Benefits and features of drone photography

❖ Cost-effective – no need to rely on a helicopter or manned aircraft to capture striking aerial shots
❖ Advanced technology – allowing for a supremely high-quality shot
❖ Time-saving – we can be set up and ready to go in five minutes
❖ Safer operations – a drone can reach spots that a human would have difficulty navigating
❖ Aerial and ground 42 MP high resolution photography
❖ CSCS accredited
❖ 1st Option Safety approved

Our applications include:

❖ Commercial and residential properties
❖ Construction & development projects
❖ PR and marketing imagery
❖ Imagery for CGI projects
❖ 360° interactive images
❖ 3D modelling
❖ Immersive 3D VR tours
❖ Time-lapse
❖ Crane cam
❖ Panoramic photos
❖ 360 panoramic views

Why choose us for drone hire?

We’ve made our name by being one of the most experienced, skilled and respected drone hire and drone photography companies in the United Kingdom. We regularly work with big-name TV producers, highly-respected media outlets, creative branding agencies, advertising firms and PR companies around the world. Check out our range of services and see why Skypower’s customers continue to recommend us for all manner of global projects.

We work closely with local authorities, the MOD, port authorities, airports and the police, allowing us to obtain special permissions that our competitors can’t match. We also have a standing 650ft permission that puts us high above the rest. Equipped with the most advanced technology available and using a team unparalleled in their expertise, you can count on Skypower for world-class photography – even in the most difficult, congested or built-up areas.

We are based in London and Wiltshire, but can travel across the UK and around the world to bring you excellent drone photography services.

What our clients say

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We offer a whole host of drone video options to compliment your event perfectly. Based in London and Wiltshire, our services are available across the UK and also overseas – so to make an enquiry, just fill out the contact form below or call us on 0208 166 9712.