Skypower offer stunning precision photography in London since 2012. We use aerial filming drones for drone video filming of the London area or provide you with the beautiful photography you require. We are at the cutting edge of drone video and drone photography in London and beyond. We hold a OSC licensing, which is an extremely prestigious accolade from the CAA, making us stand out from other companies offering drone video or drone photography services in London. This means we can operate a drone in built up areas such as towns and cities, within 10 metres.

So, when you borrow a drone from Skypower in London, you get the best drone video footage and drone photography, courtesy of our highly experienced London based team. Your drone photography will be the envy of many. Our drone operators are extremely professional and are familiar with the high standards of drone video and drone photography that directors and producers expect. Our tailored, pioneering services will be the perfect fit for your drone video, filming and drone photography needs in London.


Our outstanding drone photography and filming services, although based in London, are available to people in need of drone photography and video all over the country as well as overseas. Our drone photography equipment is versatile for overseas travel and we are always happy to undertake global work such as:

❖ Drone photography from ground to 400ft

❖ 42-megapixel photography

❖ 360° VR

❖ Indoor and outdoor

❖ 360° panoramas

❖ 3D mapping

If there are any other drone photography, filming services you may need, whether in London or beyond, get in contact with Skypower today and we can discuss your requirements.

We have a wide variety of drone photography and drone video equipment at our disposal. These cater to all manner of disciplines, resolutions and specifications. As a result of the equipment we have in London, we can undertake all manner of drone photography and drone video work both in London and overseas. We have drones of all sizes, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, all with the highest resolution broadcast cameras. So, you can see exactly what you are filming.


You need the best when it comes to drone photography and area filming in London. That is why we only use equipment of the highest specification for filming footage. From landscape area filming through to high resolution urban area filming in London, we have everything you need to complete area filming and high resolution drone photography, giving you perfect images every time. Our drone pilots are extremely talented and our drones are able to carry loads both light and heavy such as Red Epic or Alexa Mini.

At Skypower in London, we are dedicated to giving our customers bespoke filming and photography services with the highest level of professionalism. From drone video, drone photography to area drone filming – we can do it all. With a service which is a perfect fit into your production team. We hold full equipment and liability insurance with pilots of the highest standard ready to complete area drone filming in London or further afield for you with high quality equipment and an international reach.

Get your perfect shot!
We offer a whole host of drone video options to compliment your event perfectly. Based in London and Wiltshire, our services are available across the UK and also overseas – so to make an enquiry, just fill out the contact form below or call us on 0208 166 9712.