Skypower were established in 2012, providing drone video filming and drone photography services covering Southampton and the surrounding areas. We can create beautiful drone photography and drone video footage in both rural and urban areas. Our ability to carry out filming in built up areas is thanks to our OSC license, awarded to us by the CAA. Being able to carry our drone photography and video filming from as little as 10 metres away, it give us the capacity to create the finest video footage and photography for our Southampton customers. With Southampton being a beautiful, diverse city, the possibilities are limitless.

Whilst we cover Southampton, we also offer drone photography and drone video filming services far beyond the Southampton area. We even travel overseas. Our drone operators can control equipment and undertake filming and photography in all manner of terrains and areas. We are well known for our diverse portfolio of photography and video footage in the Southampton area and far beyond. As such, we offer drone photography and drone filming packages which are bespoke to your needs, with the ultimate goal of the perfect footage for your desired purpose, be that in Southampton or otherwise. We work together with you to establish your photography and filming requirements so we can meet them and deliver perfection.


Skypower are pioneers in drone photography and video filming both in Southampton and beyond. Our equipment is easy to move. So, if you are looking for us to complete drone photography and filming overseas, we can easily bring our equipment to you to provide you with photography and filming services such as:

❖ Drone photography from ground to 400ft

❖ 42-megapixel photography

❖ 360° VR

❖ Indoor and outdoor video filming

❖ 360° panoramas

❖ 3D mapping

Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor drone photography and filming in Southampton, we are able to provide you footage of the highest quality, carefully thought out and are completed using the latest in drone photography and filming technology. The advanced skills of our drone operators will always strive to give you the footage you are seeking.


At Skypower, we are able to offer our drone video filming and drone photography services in Southampton as well as all over the rest of the country. Our cutting edge technology makes us true pioneers in the photography and video industry. With a team of highly dedicated and expert drone operators, you will get nothing short of the best video footage and photographs. With full liability and equipment insurances, there is nothing for you to worry about. All you need to do is look forward to the end result being stunning drone photography and video footage.

Get your perfect shot!
We offer a whole host of drone video options to compliment your event perfectly. Based in London and Wiltshire, our services are available across the UK and also overseas – so to make an enquiry, just fill out the contact form below or call us on 0208 166 9712.