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FPV (First Person View) drone flying is exactly what you’d expect… fast, intensive and leaves you on the edge of your seat. Our pilots have been competing in the FPV arena for many years and can pull some awesome stunts!

In recent months, the FPV application has become more and more popular in the production and corporate world as Directors, DOP’s and film makers have noticed the opportunity to offer a truly immersive experience for the viewer.

Imagine what it feels like to fly around an area, dodging objects and squeezing through tight spaces as if you were bird, well, now you don’t need to!

Skypower’s pilots can perfectly choreograph a scripted or ad-lib fly through with precision and capture the whole experience in 4K on the onboard camera.

We pride ourselves in offering tailor made solutions, so whether it’s for; film, TV, corporate, marketing materials or PR stunts. There is no project too large or complex for us to tackle.

❖ Outdoor & indoor options available (weather restrictions apply)
❖ Speeds of up to 70 MPH
❖ Equipped with Go-Pro, capturing 4K footage
❖ Safe to fly anywhere!
❖ £10m public liability insurance
❖ UK and overseas operation, based in London and Wiltshire

FPV drone hire: how does it work?

FPV drone hire packages are tailored to fit your vision. Alongside the pilot, all equipment is included and usually an additional operator is present, as it is important to have a spotter and additional pair of hands once the goggles go on. This means that we are always in complete control of what is being captured, giving you some epic footage. A site recce is important to establish the shots which can be achieved and we love to offer suggestions.

Want something a bit more? our in-house production team can offer a complete package with scrip writing, directing, sound and edit a complete fly-through which is then delivered straight to your inbox.

Coming soon... behind the scenes footage of a recent FPV shoot

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