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CAA licensed for aerial filming using UAV Drones.

"How I Live Now" Movie

Remote Aerial Video For the TV and Movie Industry at a fraction of the cost.

Introducing BuggyCam

The All Terrain Filming Platform

Live Broadcast Wire Cam Systems

Dynamic overhead cameras for Live Broadcast Events & Shows

Permission To Fly At Night

Stunning Aerial Video and Photos at night

Aerial Filming & Photography In London

We have CAA permission to fly in London

Remote Airship Sponsorship & Filming

Get Your Message Noticed At Your Next Event.


Aerial Drone Filming

Do you work in film or TV production and are you looking for high definition or 4k aerial filming that is easily achievable?
Or are you a surveyor, top end estate agent or architect needing stunning imagery in film or photography for your clients that will set you apart from the rest?
As you think what you really need to complete your next filming project, you begin to realize that you only have one choice to make, and that is to invest in our aerial drone filming services.
View our show reel samples now and see how a tailored solution will match your requirements

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Why do YOU NEED an aerial drone for filming

For ease of set up and deployment in a wide range of environments nothing beats a filming drone.
A team of two highly qualified operators and a portable filming drone all easily replaces yesterday’s jibs, cranes, cherry pickers and scaffolding. They will be ready to follow your direction shortly after arriving on site and are able to move easily around locations to get the required footage.
Low-level shots are perfect with no disturbance to sets, wildlife or environment as happens with helicopter filming.
Inspections and surveys can often be carried out without the need for shut downs or loss of business.

Features and Services

  • Low Cost Aerial Video and Photography
  • Full HD or 4k video and RAW photos
  • Quick & Easy Deployment
  • CAA Licensed drone Operator With Night Rating
  • Live Video Downlink Feed
  • Fully Insured
  • Gyro Stabilised Camera Head For Ultra Smooth Video

Recent Clients Using Our Filming Drones

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Drone Filming For TV & Film

Over the last few years it’s become easier to obtain aerial footage using a filming drone. When you ask us to work with you we understand it’s not just about the image. You will also need a team that understands your direction and works seamlessly as part of your crew. The latest drone technology and our highly skilled pilots also offer creative understanding and a can do work ethic.   

Aerial Photography & Film

Used to mean very 2 dimensional down shots from several hundred feet up.
Come with us now to fly between the tree line as we approach a property following overhead of a car as it crunches on the gravel drive towards the front of the house. Climb with us as we hover by an open window before skimming the top of the lake or swimming pool capturing numerous aerial photos, each one presenting a truly 3 dimensional image of the property.

Aerial Survey

Aerial Surveys were notoriously expensive operations in the past either utilizing cumbersome equipment that had to be transported by road or involved helicopter hire.
Now with access to innovations such as our Aerial Drones, surveys can be carried out close up and personal for a fraction of the cost. With the ability to work in often inaccessible or hostile environments providing razor sharp images.


Cable Cam System

Skypower Aerial Filming are now offering the latest in mobile cable cam systems utilising the latest gyro technology. With operational speeds from 2mph to 30mph over rough terrain getting smooth tracking have never been this easy.   

Brushless Gimbal

When you want to show you are an innovator with creative rock steady shots our handheld brushless gimbals are the latest in technology and in our opinion the greatest camera stabilization units available on the market today.

Gyro Stabilised Cable Filming

Would you like a safe and cost effective solution to film over or near to people?
In the street, at events or festivals, there is often a need to get footage directly overhead or very near to the public.
If you have found this type of shot difficult or costly to achieve in the past we can help. See further details of our rapidly deployed Cable Cam Systems

Airship Filming

Would you like to film at your next indoor event or exhibition and offer live streaming downlinks giving great interaction with attendees and participants?
As well as offering unique advertising opportunities as you fly over your competition
See further details of how our indoor airships can make sure your company is not just another exhibit.

Our Aerial Filming News

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