Magician Troy: The Highwire E4

Well there was certainly lots of great TV on over the festive period, but did you catch Troy: The Highwire on E4?

Aired on Thursday the 22nd of December at 9pm on E4, the program followed Magician Troy as he attempted to perform a brand new illusion while balancing in mid air!

Of course the perfect way to film the illusion was by getting alongside the action with our CableCam which shot fully stabilised point to point broadcast footage with the Sony A7RII (working in association with Extreme Facilities). We zipped off to the South of France at the beginning of December to capture the footage. Troy performed some close up magic for us during some down time and all we can say is, wow, how does he do it!

Watch the trailer here:

The one-off special, which has been produced by Derren Brown sees Troy given eight weeks to learn how to walk a high-wire – and then perform magic on top of it. You can still watch the program here on demand.

Read an interview here where Troy reveals what it was like to perform the illusion.

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