7 Tips on how to choose a drone operator

Check out our essential 7 tips on how to choose a drone operator that is right for you and your project:
  • Do they have Civil Aviation Authority ( CAA) Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW) and are their pilots  BNUC-S (Basic National UAS Certificate – Small UAV) certified? 

Drone operators by law must be certified by the CAA and pilots must hold a valid license to fly drones for commercial work.

  • Do they have insurance which specifically covers the use of drones?

Not just generic public liability insurance.

  • How experienced are the pilots?

Make sure to check out recent work, client list and testimonials.

  • What equipment is provided?

 If required for film/TV work ensure high-end 4K camera is included and understanding of cinematography plus experience of working with a DOP

  • Can they obtain permissions?

Sometimes additional permission needs to be granted from the CAA depending on the location and other factors. Ensure relevant permissions are in place before commencing the project.

  • Are there other services they can offer you and/or do they have multiple drone units?

If drones aren’t suitable can they offer you an alternative or if you need more than one drone at the shoot ensure this is operated by the same company.

  • Are they equipped to operate overseas and have they done this before?

Drone policies and laws vary from country to country and specific permits may need to be obtained. When travelling with drone kit, specific rules must be obeyed. Remember, poor man pays twice or if you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys … sayings that have been proven to me personally over the years. If your after a cheap deal, consider what you might be sacrificing in order to get it done at this low cost.

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