Aerial Filming In London

London from above looks amazing both in video and stills. Until recently most aerial filming and photography had to be taken from either a very tall building which might be ok for stills, but is very “static” for video or from a helicopter costing lots of money. Times have changed and the use of UAV’s or Drones as they are referred to can get you dynamic aerial footage up to 400ft and at a fraction of the cost. We are permitted by the Civil Aviation Authority to operate our UAV’s for commercial filming work and have worked in many areas of London for our clients achieving some amazing footage and stills. We are operating 4K broadcast cameras giving our clients the best possible resolution in the air. All our footage is 100% stabilised using the latest gyro camera head meaning no post stabilisation is necessary. So if you’re looking for some aerial filming in London then give us a call to discuss your project or production.

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