CraneCam Gets The Shot

Need some elevated high resolution photography or 4K videography of a site or project and you have a crane on location? well… why not use our CraneCam system to deliver some amazing results. We have used our CraneCam system on many shoots where it has just not been possible to use a drone safely – even with our reduced OSC (Operational Safety Case) which allows us to operate within 10m away from anything outside of our control. Set up time is quick, after a short health and safety site briefing we are up and running within 10 minutes. Our CraneCam incorporate remotely controlled fully stabilised 3 axis gimbal and high resolution cameras (such as Sony A7R II 42 megapixel with it’s full frame sensor or Panasonic GH4 shooting in 4K) that are directly mounted to the crane hook via a special mounting system that we have developed. Through radio communication with the crane operator via banksman on the ground the crane hook is elevated to just the right height as the boom is manoeuvred into position creating unique movement into the video which can be monitored on the remote ground monitor so we are able to frame the shots with precision. Footage captured is available to be reviewed and released on site immediately which is of particular use to managers who can also use the footage for site planning purposes. You can see some behind the scenes photos of the CraneCam in operation here:

Here you can also see some example photography captured with the CraneCam. You can also watch our construction showreel here which displays some CraneCam videography:

If you are interested in utilising our CraneCam for a project you have coming up or would like to know more, please give us a shout.

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