High Res. Aerial Photography

Providing High Resolution aerial drone photography is so important when working with major brands and iconic landmarks. Did you know that we also have cameras such as the Sony A7Rii that has a full frame 42 MP sensor that can provide images in RAW as standard. Here you can see an example of some photography we recently took at the CocaCola London Eye for an advertising campaign. We were the first (legal) drone operator to work on the site and captured some truly amazing shots. This can also be seen on their website.

We are highly experienced in working with authorities and gaining special permissions and due to our aviation backgrounds we can gain special permissions to enable us to carry out work in difficult locations. You can be assured of a premium service others simply can’t deliver. Here are some shots of us at work on the day:

It still makes us smile when seeing our footage in the flesh, whether it be on TV, film, online, billboards, posters, magazines. Here is a quick snap of some of the advertising displayed at the Tube station we spotted on the way to work (apologies for the glare this was taken on an iPhone).

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