Hollywood award for Exceptional Aerial Photography

We are proud to announce that our very own Neil Willis has been presented with a Hollywood award for Exceptional Aerial Photography. Sadly Neil was unable to collect the award in person due to his busy filming schedule, however we have been assured it is on it’s way across the pond and will arrive at the office soon. We promise to share a posing picture as soon as it’s here! As a company we have had numerous accolades over the years and had our fair share of media coverage and recognition but being the first company in our field to achieve Hollywood acclaim is one of the best rewards we could of hoped for. The award was presented at the prestigious Theatre Banshee in Burbank California and lead actress Carina Birrell was there to collect not one but three awards. Firstly for herself winning an award for Outstanding Acting Performance, for Corrie Greenop for Outstanding Producer and Thirdly to Neil Willis for Exceptional Aerial Photography. The film entitled Wandering Rose is a haunting piece of cinematography and aerials form a large part of the film helping to create lots of moody scenes. Here’s what the Director had to say “I still believe your fantastic shots were a huge help in getting the film sold.” So give our award winning team a call…. you might even get Neil!   This is the trailer for the movie:

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