Prostate Cancer UK’s, Lads Night In

We recently worked with PokerStars to provide aerial footage for an awareness video for their recent sponsorship of Prostate Cancer UK’s, Lads Night In fundraising event. Prostate Cancer UK is the largest men’s health charity in the UK and help more men survive prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life. They do this through Men United, a movement for everyone who cares about men’s health. They’ve  teamed up with PokerStars, the online poker site, to get men everywhere to play a friendly game of poker on 25 September – and change people’s lives in the process. Operations were coordinated with ATC at Ronaldsway Airport, Douglas and special thanks also to the Isle of Man Civil Aviation Administration who granted us a special permission for us to carry out the flights. You can find out more information and how to sign up here. Take a look at the video…   Co – Filmed and edited by Cool Edit Production and Photography – You can view PokerStars news article here. Celebrity Ambassador quotes: Damian Lewis OBE Actor and producer   “40,000 men face a devastating diagnosis of prostate cancer every year in the UK. If you think men are worth fighting for, Men United is the side you need to join. Let’s get men talking about the disease that kills one man every hour in the UK. Talk to your dads, talk to your brothers and talk to your mates and sign up for the movement for men taking on prostate cancer.” Ray Winstone Hollywood and TV star “A couple of my friends have had prostate cancer, but luckily they caught it early – and thank god they did. It was self awareness and talking to mates about the disease that saved their lives.  I believe it doesn’t lessen your manhood if you talk about it, in fact it may shorten your life if you don’t! Prostate Cancer UK’s latest campaign is all about keeping friendships alive, and seeing your mates more.  With my busy filming schedule at the moment, it’s always nice to make some time to see them. That’s why I signed up for Men United, the more of us that get together, the quicker we can knock Prostate Cancer out of the ring.”  

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