Spectacular FPV Drone Fly Through…

FPV drone fly through video shows a great night out at London bowling alley!

After the massive viral success of an American bowling alley fly through, we were asked to create something similar but even better for London Bloomsbury Lanes. As venues prepare to reopen after Covid 19 lockdowns they need to find new ways to remind visitors again how great it is to have a fun night out.

This video, which is One Continuous Shot, was filmed using our Cinewhoop FPV drone and an extremely skilled pilot! The shot was then skilfully edited with sound, capturing the feeling of travel and distance as it focuses on the voices and actions of the staged customers below as the drone flies over head through the rooms and lanes, and at one point even into the intricate workings of the machines. Make sure you watch with the sound on for a great night out!

Read our article in the Evening Standard here.

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Bloomsbury Lanes Bowling – Cinewhoop FPV from Skypower Aerial Filming on Vimeo.

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