Third Person Driving with a Filming Drone

Well, that was our clients wish and we couldn’t resist helping out on this awesome challenge. This was a last minute request as unfortunately our client had been let down by another operator. Luckily we had a slot in our schedule, the weather was good and our guys were ready to go. Our filming drone provided aerial footage with a difference, not only did we shoot the action from above (in HD of course), we also provided flying goggles for the drivers. The goggles provided a downlink from our eye in the sky, however for the drivers to take this visual information and translate it was extremely difficult, especially when determining speed, direction and timings on the track. The challenge was set, two drivers were to compete for the fastest time to navigate a pre-determined course including twists and turns through tight spaces using only the aerial footage from the goggles. The drivers had a safety spotter onboard and our guys operated beside the track, at a safe distance to minimise risk. Here’s what our client had to say “Thank you so much for sorting everything out yesterday: the footage is absolutely gorgeous, Neil and Rob were wonderful, and I am so happy with the result.” So… did they succeed? We don’t want to spoil it, check out the footage below: Have you got a great idea for a challenge or stunt? Give us a call.

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