What Our OSC Means

Our Drone OSC Permission Explained:

Under the normal CAA drone regulations there are a number of rules to which a drone operator needs to abide by. Generally this means keeping the drone below 400ft from the take off site and also keeping the drone 50m away from people, buildings, vehicles etc which are not directly under your control for aircraft under 7kg in weight and 150m if the aircraft is over 7kg. We have written an Operational Safety Case (OSC) to the CAA to demonstrate our safe flying and working practices and that the drones we operate are equipped with adequate safety features should something happen in-flight. Together with our long and incident free history in operating drones and our procedures for safety we have been granted the follow permissions:

  • Permit to fly up to 650ft from our take off point
  • 20m operating permit for drones between 7-20kg
  • 20m operating permit for drones up to 7kg

What does this mean for you? This means we are able to fly in congested areas such as London, Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle (you get the idea) with heavy lift capability allowing us to get you the shots you need whether its a large feature film or drama, an online viral video or 360 panoramic photos or VR video. So give us a call on 0208 166 9712 for a chat on how we can help you get your shots safely.

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