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The CableCam is ideally-designed for point to point filming through rough terrains or over crowds, making for a dynamic, clear and smooth filming solution for occasionally unruly environments. Skypower offer the latest in mobile dolly systems and draw on the most up-to-date gyro technology, dynema cable and powerful motors.

This means our flying camera can travel either extra slow or up to 30pm, over 200m of cable. With an easy rig system that requires just two sturdy points, it’s the most versatile point to point CableCam available to hire – and it’s just perfect for stunningly expansive aerial video shots. But don’t take our word for it – we won TMT’s award for best UK CableCam filming services in 2017 and you can see testimonials from our happy clients below.

Skypower's CableCam filming services

❖ Point to point filming
❖ Indoor or outdoor
❖ 800ft
❖ Live broadcast
❖ Fully gyro stabilised footage
❖ Safe over crowds
❖ O.5mph > 30mph
❖ Max cable slope 19% grade (11 degrees)
❖ Heavy lift
❖ Live downlink
❖ Dynema cable

Flying camera: how does it work?

Our CableCam dolly is a point to point (AB) zip line CableCam system, which uses a single cable anchored between two points. These anchoring points can be fixed on to an existing structure, requiring no ground-based winches at unnecessary cost and weight. The CableCam dolly system employs a DC motor on the trolley to “drive” on the cable, and is able to carry a staggering 30lb along a level slope. For elevated slopes, the camera system is able to drive up a slope of over 10 degrees at a maximum weight of around 15lb. Power is provided by on-board lithium polymer battery packs, meaning there is no need for a mains supply. As a highly versatile filming system, the CableCam can reach speeds of up to 30mph (50kph) on a level cable, or even move as slow as 18” per minute (0.5m per minute) for smooth, slow motions.

The CableCam system is controlled wirelessly via a joystick controller with a 1km range. The camera is also connected to a wireless video system to send and display the video feed in real time to an LCD at the camera operator station, so you can be sure that you are capturing a perfectly-framed shot.

A streamlined process, designed to last

The braking system is electronic, and uses an innovative process known as Asynchronous Regenerative Braking (ARB). ARB draws on the same technology that is currently used in electronic automobiles, and is accomplished with our industrial robot motor driver. It essentially means that whenever you decelerate or apply the brakes, you are putting power back into the battery. The results with ARB are, of course, excellent; as much as 50% of the power is put back into the battery for each acceleration/deceleration pair. This dramatically increases the duration/distance gained from each set of charged batteries, to say nothing of the environmental benefits. It’s just one of the ways we try to add value to our services.

Skypower’s range of services

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