By using our 10m CAA permission we can get your shot where others can’t.

London's national and international drone photography experts

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Are you looking for that one stunning precision shot? Look no further than Skypower. Established in 2012, we are the most established and recommended operator of aerial filming drones in the business. As a pioneering force in the drone photography business, we are one of the few companies to be licensed with an OSC – meaning that we can operate within congested areas, including towns and cities, within 10m of areas not in our control.

What does this mean for you, we hear you ask?
It means that when you hire a drone with us, not only do you get access to the most experienced, award-winning camera operators and pilots in the United Kingdom; you also get the possibility of capturing shots that most companies could only dream of. And with pilots who are well-versed in the exacting standards required by directors and producers, you can be assured of a highly professional, technically advanced and bespoke service to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your crew.

We have offices in London and Wiltshire, and can operate our top-quality drone photography and filming services across the whole of the UK and beyond. Our equipment is fully optimised for overseas travel and we are always happy to undertake work worldwide.

What Skypower can offer you

❖ Drone photography from ground to 400ft
❖ Cinema DNG or Apple ProRes
❖ 42-megapixel photography
❖ Heavy lift – Red Epic, Alexa Mini
❖ 360° VR
❖ LED light system
❖ Special permission to operate up to 10m in congested areas
❖ Night permission
❖ Indoor and outdoor
❖ 10m public liability insurance
❖ Live downlink
❖ 360° panoramas
❖ 3D mapping
❖ Thermal and surveys

Aerial photography and drone filming services

At Skypower we operate a wide variety of drones spanning a whole host of different specialisations, resolutions and capabilities. With some of today’s most advanced crafts at our disposal, there is no production or photoshoot that we can’t cater for. From large drones capable of carrying 4K broadcast-quality cameras, to the more agile and lightweight models perfect for indoor use, we are equipped to handle everything from a site survey to a fast-moving sports event. We can even provide a drone LED light system, to light up the skies at 130,000 lumens.

Specialists in drone photography

When it comes to aerial photography, you should settle for no less than the best. Whether you require a high-resolution photo of a construction project, a superior-quality real estate photo or a superb landscape/general view snapshot, Skypower use the very best equipment on the market to capture perfect shots every time. Using high-resolution, 42-megapixel cameras controlled by exceptionally talented drone pilots, we can capture some truly stunning shots – ideal for CGI visualisations and marketing materials. Our drones can also carry heavy loads, meaning Red Epic or Alexa Mini can be lifted to the skies without a problem.

Why choose Skypower for aerial photography drone hire?

At Skypower we are committed to providing a bespoke, top-quality and exceptionally professional service that fits smoothly and swiftly into your existing production team with no fuss and no bother. We hold an OSC (operational safety case) with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) which recognises us as one of the safest, most experienced and most respected providers around. This gives us a whole host of benefits – including permission to fly up to 650ft, and as low as 10m above built-up areas. This means we can legally operate in areas that other companies would not even be able to come close to. We are fully insured both for equipment and liability and have the most experienced pilots in the business on hand – so if you are looking for an established, premium-quality drone hire provider with an excellent network and international scope, then give us a call on 0208 166 9712. We’d love to hear from you.

Have you seen these two options?

360 VR Drone Video

❖ GoPro Hero4 or 5 – Either 6 or 11 Array
❖ Standard GoPro Lens
❖ 6k @ 50fps or 8k @25fps once stitched
❖ 2 People (Pilot and Camera Operator)
❖ 360 VR Content, Online Commercials and Promotional Videos

Drone LED Light System

❖ LED Spec: Ten modules: 65 Amps / 130,000 Lumens
❖ Run Time: Approx 6-9 minutes per battery
❖ Drone Used: DJI M600
❖ 2 People (Pilot and light operator)
❖ Music Videos, Stunts and Promotional Videos

Skypower’s range of services

At Skypower we offer a comprehensive range of multi-level filming and drone hire services, with specialist equipment on hand to capture truly breath-taking footage no matter what the project. Just have a look through our services below to find out more – whatever shot you can imagine, our mission is to bring it to life.

Production filming

Capture that perfect precision shot or stunning aerial landscape for your TV or film production.

Engineering & Construction

Capture snapshots of your construction project for site reviews, progress reports and more, from the vantage point of the skies.

Events filming

With our wide range of drone and airship options you can film the entirety of your event from the air, making for a truly unforgettable experience.

Drone photography

Capture stunning shots for your TV show, film production or marketing campaign using our high-tech aerial drones.

Drone 360 & VR

Make an impact on your clients with our 360 virtual reality services. Using virtual drones and 360 panoramic photography, we can create bespoke immersive and interactive VR solutions.

What our clients say

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With Skypower you are guaranteed a superior service for aerial photography drone hire. To make an enquiry, call us on 0208 166 9712.