National Geographic’s Top 10 Biggest Beasts Ever

Did you catch National Geographic’s Top 10 Biggest Beasts Ever? Before man ruled the world, Earth was a land of giants. This program counted down the biggest beasts of their kind to ever roam the planet in this eye-opening original special, and uncovered the secret lives of these super-sized species. Birds with plane-length wingspans, dinosaurs rivaling a Boeing 737; this stunning CGI special uncovered┬áthe truth behind these monsters, counting down the ten largest and most extraordinary finds. We provided some aerial footage for the program which was used to then CGI what a flying Pelagornis would have looked like. The final result was spectacular. Filmed at West Bay, Dorset where Broadchurch was also shot, we had to ensure that no manmade objects could be seen, as this was of course a pre-historic bird. Top 10 Biggest Beasts  

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